Senior Software Engineer @ Ready Player Me (2023 - Present)

Product Engineer (React Native) @ Fairmus (2023)

Led the development of mobile music streaming application for iOS and Android (React Native). Developed web embed music player for web browsers. Built development process, CI/CD. Improved performance, TTI and stability of the mobile app.

Senior React Native Engineer @ Pipedrive (2019-2022)

I helped Pipedrive to scale mobile development by building SDK and tools using React Native which allows developers familiar with React and web technologies contribute to the company mobile products.

Lead React Native Engineer @ Neurohive (2018)

I helped Neurohive to build iOS application with real-time face recognition.

Lead JavaScript Developer @ Uptick Labs Inc. (2015-2018)

I was hired as a first frontend developer to build web and mobile application. I had a chance to hire and work with one of the best teams. We built the platform with a great design using React, React Native, node.js and .NET, re-used a lot of shared code between client and server.

Senior JavaScript Developer @ Enterra Inc. (2012-2015)

I helped Enterra Inc. to build web and mobile 2D games using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and deploying them wrapped by Apache Cordova to AppStore and Google Play.

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